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Welcome to the Center for Inner Awakening!

The reason we are born on this planet is so that we can increase our level of consciousness! Our main goal is to show you the way to increase your personal and spiritual consciousness.

We have published several accredited online programs that encourage us to increase our level of consciousness. These programs are Teacher/Practitioner programs that are accredited by "The International Association Of Therapists". These programs are  based on the principles of Energy Healing, Meditation & Forgiveness.

We also have monthly online energy healing & meditation workshops. Be sure to visit our blog where publish articles on various topics related to personal and spiritual growth.

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Transforming Body, Mind

& Spirit

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Monthly Workshops

IAM - Inner Awakening Meditation & Healing

Journey of The Eternal Spirit

The Art of Witnessing

Past Lives 

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Workshops, Healing & Counseling


These are just some of the many programs and services that we offer. We surely have something for everyone and can tailor any program to meet your needs. Please inquire within to find out more about what we offer.

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