October 22, 2019

Sooner or later, we all have to learn to forgive. Forgiveness is a powerful tool and a way to become happier, healthier and encourage your personal growth. We must forgive others as well as ourselves and seek forgiveness when necessary. We may not be aware of every wrong doing that requires forgiveness. Furthermore, some of our actions are locked in the subconscious mind, just like all aspects of our past lives. God knows that you are not aware of your past mistakes. You will be given many opportunit...

March 15, 2017

If you're looking for the key to good health, happiness and spiritual growth, forgiveness can be the answer. Click on the picture below and watch the video for a detailed and expert view on the power of forgiveness!

March 7, 2017

Pranayama, or deep breathing exercises, refers to the control of energy through the breath. It is part of the Yogic system of healing which is attributed to the Indian philosopher/sage Maharishi Patanjali. His famous treatise is known as the “Yoga Sutras” which dates back 2500 years. “Yoga” means union, to unify individual consciousness with universal consciousness. It is a complete holistic science that balances us on every level physically, mentally and spiritually. Yoga is part of Ayurveda (the an...

March 2, 2017

Each human being has five unique bodies: the physical, emotional, mental, astral and spiritual. Are you curious yet? Watch this video and find out more. Enjoy!!

February 10, 2017

What happens in the spirit world, before we choose to take birth on Earth? This video explains... Enjoy!!

October 15, 2016

Let's go beyond our physical consciousness and develop our spiritual consciousness. Learn more about the map of consciousness outlined in this video. Enjoy!!

September 12, 2016

Can we transform our minds to better serve ourselves and humanity. Listen to this interesting and profound advice given in this video below. Enjoy!!

August 8, 2016

Oxygen is the life-blood of our beings. And it's free! This video demonstrates powerful deep breathing techniques that can help with all conditions. Enjoy!!

August 1, 2016

Is there a difference between religion and spirituality? Here is a video that explains some of the key differences between the two. Enjoy!! 

July 11, 2016

There is a higher instinct and lower instinct. Learn here how to identify the two and develop the higher instinct further. Enjoy!!

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More on the Power of Forgiveness

October 22, 2019

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