Suffering: A Blessing In Disguise

There is no individual on earth who has not suffered at one point or another. Suffering takes place in a variety of ways. Health problems can have a serious impact on your day-to-day life. Limited resources cause strain. Complications resulting from family situations can seriously affect your soul. From the time we are in our mother’s womb, we are fighting to survive. The nine months spent in the womb are not a very comfortable time for the soul. We are upside down in a very small area, with hardly any room to move, and subject to many heat waves. Before conception, the soul who is about to be born through the chosen mother comes to the mother to ask for permission. The mother is subconsciou

The Age of Your Soul

As human beings we put a lot of importance on our physical age. We look forward to birthday parties, family and social gatherings and spoil each other with presents. Similar to our physical bodies having an age, our soul has an age as well. It is necessary for us to shift our focus and explore our “soul age” every once in a while. Each one of our souls is at a certain level of spiritual development. Some of us are beginner or young souls and a few are older more mature souls. We have chosen unique lessons in our life time to help us learn and grow. We learn through our relationships with family members and friends, challenges in life and karmic choices. Every single experience of our entire

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