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Inner Awakening Meditation

& Healing Program

Course Breakdown


Module 1:  Introduction to Energy Transformation Meditation.

This module will expand on the history of Meditation and Energy Healing. It will also touch on Chakras theory and philosophy and how different people “feel energy”.


Module 2: Attunements

In this module, attunements will be discussed as well as the cleansing period that follows.


Module 3: Deep Breathing and Professional Relaxation Therapy

This lesson will explore these two very important concepts in depth. Two models and techniques that you can apply will be shared here. Experience relaxation and calm.


Module 4: Activation and Dynamic Meditation

Learn valuable healing and meditation techniques here. These include Chakra activation exercises that involve deep breathing and clearing the mind to put you in the right state for healing.


Module 5: Energy Therapy on Others

You will be guided on how to put your new skills to use on others.


Module 6: Distant Universal Healing & Healing the Planet

In this lesson we will introduce you to some advanced energy healing techniques.

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