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Inner Awakening Through Past-Lives 

Karma and Reincarnation Program 

What is Inner Awakening Through Past Lives (IATPL)?

At some point during our lifetime questions arise from deep within us. Who am I? What is my purpose earth? Is there such a thing as life after death? In this program, we will consider various sources that can shed light on these fundamental questions.  We will discuss the work of some prominent and well respected doctors, scientists and researchers. We will also explore the wisdom and knowledge given by saints, philosophers, spiritual masters and the different world religions.  

What will you experience?

You will be guided through a Past Life Regression Therapy Session!!

You can experience healing through your past lives and discover key insights about the situations that are in front of you today.

The exercises and modules are specifically designed to help you experience:

Deep Relaxation, Visualizations, Powerful Dynamic Meditations that Focus on the Third Eye and the Chakras and many more deeper levels of consciousness, awareness and enlightenment.

What will you learn?

Here are a few of the topics that are covered:

Universal Law of Karma

Past Lives


What Happens After Death

The Spirit World

Near Death Experiences

Doctors and Scientists Views on Past Lives

World Religions on Past Lives

Stories of Past Lives from Other Well Renown Figures

This course will be available in Spring 2017 but can be pre-ordered now at a very special promotional rate!! 

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