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Distant Healing

Energy Healing, like any other energy, can be sent from a distance. This technique can treat physical ailments, emotional distress and depression, mental issues, energy blockages and can help you achieve higher levels of spiritual awareness. 


Group Workshops

The Inner Awakening Meditation and Healing Program is a unique combination of simple dynamic meditations and universal energy therapy. It combines Reiki, Deep Breathing Techniques, Chakra Meditation & Visualizations to help heal oneself and others.


Certification Courses

We can help you improve health on all levels and ultimately achieve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance and well being! Become certified in the Inner Awakening Mediation & Healing Program. You can heal yourself and others. 


Nutrition & Ayurveda

Ayurveda, meaning "Science of Life" is over 5000 years old. Your Individual Blood Type, and Nutritional Assessment will all be used to address your specific health conditions or questions. A detailed, individualized and holistic approach will be used.


Spiritual Counseling

Quite often as individuals we suffer from emotional and mental problems. Sometimes we have questions about our purpose on earth, the law of karma, spiritual growth and suffering. Get consultation from a certified professional in person, online or phone.


Healing the Planet

Join us every Wednesday evening from 9-9:30 PM as we send a powerful healing to the planet and everyone around the world. Our planet is in need of healing and this is one way to share your light and service with our Mother Earth

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Our Services

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