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The Incredible Power of Pranayama

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Pranayama, or deep breathing exercises, refers to the control of energy through the breath. It is part of the Yogic system of healing which is attributed to the Indian philosopher/sage Maharishi Patanjali. His famous treatise is known as the “Yoga Sutras” which dates back 2500 years. “Yoga” means union, to unify individual consciousness with universal consciousness. It is a complete holistic science that balances us on every level physically, mentally and spiritually. Yoga is part of Ayurveda (the ancient Indian System of Healing) which was first put in written form by the great master Maharishi Veda Vyasa some 5000 years ago. Yoga according to the Vedas is thousands of years old, no wonder even today it is so powerful!

Yoga is gaining popularity in all parts of the world; it is especially popular in India. One particular organization holds Yoga Camps daily, quite often with more than 50,000 members participating, and they are producing incredible results. Individuals go there to heal from all kinds of diseases. These sessions last seven days and participants are taught and practice proper deep breathing techniques, yoga postures and more.

Deep breathing exercises have been proven to heal several health conditions. Studies show, that many diseases and health problems are associated with the lack of oxygen in our bodies. Furthermore, the human body has the ability to heal itself, when provided with the right conditions. In order to promote the body’s ability to heal, we need to provide the body with more oxygen.

To prove the effectiveness of these breathing techniques participants of the yoga camp gave their blood for testing before and after the seven days. The results were quite remarkable. There was a drop in blood cholesterol levels, triglycerides and blood sugar. Many individuals had lost weight and decreased their high blood pressure. Many were beginning to regulate their thyroid hormone levels.

In addition, there have been a great number of testimonials from individuals suffering from both acute and chronic illnesses that have improved and even fully recovered by practicing these simple deep breathing techniques. These illnesses include cancer, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, arthritis, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies (food and seasonal), skin disorders and many common ailments as well. Also, those who practiced deep breathing while recovering from surgery showed remarkable improvements in short amounts of time.

Individuals suffering from depression, who have been medicated for years, have also made testimonials of their recovery. Those individuals suffering from psychosomatic disorders and other mental illnesses have also shown documented improvements. Click the photo above or link here to our video.

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