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Suffering: A Blessing In Disguise

There is no individual on earth who has not suffered at one point or another. Suffering takes place in a variety of ways. Health problems can have a serious impact on your day-to-day life. Limited resources cause strain. Complications resulting from family situations can seriously affect your soul.

From the time we are in our mother’s womb, we are fighting to survive. The nine months spent in the womb are not a very comfortable time for the soul. We are upside down in a very small area, with hardly any room to move, and subject to many heat waves.

Before conception, the soul who is about to be born through the chosen mother comes to the mother to ask for permission. The mother is subconsciously aware of the spirit coming into her womb. There is a very strong connection between the baby and the mother. During the first few months of pregnancy, the infant’s spirit visits the mother’s womb several times. This is a very special stage in a mother’s life. She starts picking up messages from the child’s soul in the form of dreams, promptings, and visions. The ability to pick up these messages may vary from one mother to another. The greater the mother’s ability to perceive the subtle messages, the clearer will be the communication with her infant’s spirit.

The infant’s spirit comes out of the spirit world and enters the world of matter through the mother. There is extraordinary freedom in the spirit world. You are fully aware of your past and your future. You are able to travel from one universe to another. When the soul enters the womb, it loses all the freedom that was in the spirit world. Because of this sudden transfer into the material world, the unborn child starts to kick and complain. The mother has the unique ability to feel the pain of her child.

After a few months of gestation, the soul remains in the mother’s womb. This is a very special time for the mother. There are two souls in one body. An aura glows in the mother’s face. Mothers should take advantage of this special time and meditate as much as possible. The potential for spirituality dramatically increases since there are two spiritual lights in the body. The infant starts to adapt. A curtain is placed in the memory of the soul so that when it is ready to come into this world, it will not remember any past actions.

Suffering is a blessing in disguise. Through suffering your soul comes closer to God. Suffering is the way to enlightenment. There are many special types of suffering available. You can experience suffering as a father, mother, sister, brother, grandparent, and dear friend.

It is said that when a mother gives birth to her child, the mother’s labor cries are heard through the seven heavens. Motherhood is a stage in evolution that begins at the moment a woman becomes pregnant. After her child is born, the mother’s compassion and love for her infant dramatically increase. She is now ready to sacrifice her health, wealth, security -everything - for the sake of her child.

Motherhood enriches the soul in a variety of ways. A mother is a symbol of mercy, compassion and grace. A mother displays tolerance, patience, love, and warmth. Imagine all these qualities united in one individual. Before the ancient sages came to earth, they were granted permission by their mothers. If there were no mothers, there would be no spiritual guidance. There would be no structure in society. Mothers help all great souls reach enlightenment. Without a mother, enlightenment would not be possible.

When we become physically ill, we rush to the doctor. Often the doctor tells us that we have a virus, which does not respond to medication. The doctor’s advice is to let our body fight the virus and heal itself. The more we let the body fight, the stronger our immune system will be and the healthier we will become. In order to grow stronger, we must suffer and fight the infection first.

In a similar manner, in order for the soul to grow, it must suffer first. It has to be given a chance to suffer in as many ways as possible. The greater the suffering, the richer the soul becomes. During periods of suffering, you explore the depths of your soul. The divine is hidden inside the heart. There are many layers of suffering that we must penetrate in order to develop spiritually. After you have fought a virus, you will feel healthier than ever before. You earned your sense of well-being. Similarly once you have endured suffering, you are richer, wiser, and more spiritual. In the end you will say that it was worth it; you are now one step closer to God.

A father goes through a similar type of suffering. He is constantly under pressure to provide for his family. He may feel that the mother of his children has sacrificed a great deal for her infants. Once a father’s eyes rest on his newborn child, a transformation takes place in his soul. He realizes that a brand new life has entered his own. It’s a miracle to hold such a tiny being in his hands. The ego dissolves. From that point on wards, he says to himself, “I have to be the one to provide for this little one. This is a great responsibility.”

You don’t always suffer because of your past karma. Suffering can come because of many other factors. You may have chosen an illness before your birth so that the world may benefit from your illness. Your illness can act as a safety valve for your actions. Your illness may have been chosen as a vehicle of enlightenment. Your illness may provide an example to your family members. There are various reasons why you may be suffering physically. Accept it as a path towards spiritual growth.

There once lived a saint by the name of Bayazid. He used to say, “I never pray to God to give me anything. Whatever I deserve in the eyes of God will be given to me. Whatever is harmful to me, God will keep away from me. I will leave everything in the hands of God.” There came a time when Bayazid was hungry, poor, and without shelter. He sat by a tree at night in a dangerous area. His disciple asked, “Is God aware of your situation right now? You are starving, with no food and no shelter. Nobody is offering you any help. Are you sure that God is aware that his Sufi saint is suffering so much?” Bayazid replied, “God knows that this is exactly what I need in this situation. God knows when to give us poverty and when to give us food. This is what God is giving me at this particular time; I must accept it.”

There are thousands of angels surrounding us every minute of our lives. We cannot see them, but they are here, witnessing our daily events. They watch us grow through suffering. They constantly guide our subconscious. They make us more spiritual beings.

Suffering comes in many forms. Accept it, learn from it, and grow because of it. Suffering makes us stronger, wiser and more courageous. Play your role as father, mother, sister, brother, and friend. Accept each consequence of suffering with open arms and yield to the path of spiritual growth.

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