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What our Clients Have to Say

I have taken part in the IAM energy healing workshops organized by Mohmood many times before and these were conducted in a group in-person setting. After many of us had problems commuting, somebody suggested conducting distance healing sessions online. The first session was realized through the Zoom platform and worked perfect. I can testify that the time and distance aspects are absolutely irrelevant in healing because both during and after the online session, I received the healing and energy exchange  while sitting and relaxing at my own home. The sensation energy impact was the same as if I was at the venue. Moreover, I was not stressed out by the added commuting to the venue and was able to rest in and plan my day around the webinar. I strongly recommend this online session. You will never feel that you need to be physically present with others because the energy was sensed, if not even more strongly.  Added bonus - my cat was very happy receiving the Energy Healing.


I have participated in a few 'in-person' group sessions hosted by Mohmood.  They always leave me energized, recharged and centered. This was the first time I participated in a live, online session, and I loved the experience. For me, it was just like I was present in front of Mohmood the entire time. The Zoom online platform is amazing. I was able to fully and clearly participate in every portion of the online session including the meditations, the distance healings and during the interactive/ group feedback. Even though I was sitting in the comfort of my home, it was as if I was next to everyone else.  The best part about the online experience was that I was able to fully activate my chakras/ energy centers and direct my energy easily. In short, at the end of the online session, I felt just as energized, recharged and centered as I do during the in-person sessions.  I highly recommend the online session!


Online workshop on Energy Healing was excellent. I got connected (energy) with other participants immediately. Through out this Online session energy was very high and fluid. I got the most benefits while doing distant healing with other participants. Instructor Mohmood is very effective and knows how to heal people.  


I received a distant healing from Mohmood and would love this opportunity to share with you my experience. When the healing began, I saw the colour indigo and found myself feeling lighter and more relaxed. I strongly felt the energy coming out of my hands and vibrations all over to the point where I was slightly rocking. I felt that I wanted that energy to go to all the people that I love and that need healing. At one point I had a quick vision of God/Father-like figure bending down telling me not to be afraid. I felt a lot of love and sat in the moment in total mindfulness of what I was experiencing in the present; Just total receptivness to the healing and staying in the moment. Mohmood truly has a gift in healing others as he led me to ease the anxiety that I feel on a constant basis. I know if I stick to this I will overcome this mental obstacle in my life that I am determined to have healed. Thank you Mohmood for giving me motivation that I can beat this thing. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


Toronto, Ontario

I had a very enlightening experience with Mohmood's Distant Healing. I sat down on tuesday night to receive the healing, but could not calm down. Thoughts about an individual at work had been bothering me for a few days. Every time I thought of him or saw him, I would feel anger or other negative emotions. So during the healing, I asked to get rid of this internal festering feeling. A couple hours after the healing, I coughed/sneezed. At that instant, I felt that my body just got rid of some nasty poison. The next day, when I returned to work, I met that individual in the hallway. I was surprised that when I saw him I did not feel anything. All those negative emotions that were arising in his presence were gone. That is when I understood that the poison that left my body yesterday, was the anger that was in me. I felt great and grateful.
Thank you Mohmood for that marvelous healing. 


Markham, Ontario

Hello All,

I would like to share my experiences with distant healing from Mohmood.  But first I would like to tell you that I have under study methods of healing and spiritual growth for over two years. The 1st time I experienced distant healing I instantly felt the energy.  It went to parts of my body where I had problems and the energy stayed at those areas during the whole session.  I also experienced a floating feeling, like my spirit body came out and was floating above me.  It was amazing!  Each time I had an overall relaxing feeling and after receiving the healings from Mohmood I slept wonderfully.  The results didn't stop there either.  I felt the effects for days such as tingling, the pain in my elbow and neck left me which was bothering me for weeks, overall contempt and very grounded. I was so impressed with my results that I asked Mohmood to do distant healing on my grandmother in Nova Scotia who was in the hospital with kidney failure and dementia.  Within 3 to 4 days her state of mind came back to what it was before she went into the hospital and the doctors told us that her kidneys had improved.  I have sent other friends of mine to Mohmood and they are very appreciative in addition to being very grateful of the experiences and clarity they have had with him. Mohmood, you bring clarity, integrity and truth to all that you do.  You are a very gifted person and I am so glad that I have met you. 


Newmarket, Ontario

I have a keen interest in alternative methods of healing and in spiritual growth. I have been to Mohmood for hands on Reiki and distant healing. I was very aware of the moment Mohmood commenced distant healing and when the session  ended. For me, Reiki is something to be experienced but not to be described for each Reiki session brings a different experience. If I had to describe it I would say it brings an emotional and mental calmness which in turn has helped me physically by improving my energy levels. I enjoyed the Reiki experience so much that I went to him to become a certified Reiki practitioner. Also, Mohmood's wellness workshops have been helpful in learning different types of meditation techniques and yoga breathing.


Registered Nurse

I was first introduced to Mohmood by a good friend of mine who had attended some of his workshops. From the very beginning  of our first encounter I felt very accepted and comfortable in his home. There is a genuine sense of caring that surrounds Mohmood and I have since then attended workshops, Reiki certification, nutritional counselling, and past life regression. I also had a distant healing from Mohmood and actually felt his thumbs in the sides of my head. Afterwards I found my self having better sleeps at night and experienced having a "lighter" feeling about myself. I started an on line course last year and felt very overwhelmed most of the time. I asked Mohmood if he could send me distant healing when I wrote my 4 tests and I am happy to say that not only did I score 100% on all 4 tests I also received 100% on the entire course.

I have had Nutritional counselling before but with Mohmood he incorporated my ayurveda body type as well which helped me by taking it one step further than the information I already had. 
I have been attending regular Ion Foot cleansing baths and am on my 14th treatment. I have had very positive results from feeling more alert overall, having good night sleeps, to having more energy.
I feel very blessed that my path has crossed with Mohmood's and he continues to inspire me to achieve my goals within the healing profession.
Bonnie Anderson R.N S.A.N.E.

Bonnie Anderson R.N S.A.N.E.

Toronto, Ontario

When I first went to the session, like any teenager, I was very skeptical. But, Mohmood and others attending the session, thought it was a great thing that there was a young person attending so I got some encouragement to actually try the energy healing exercises. The thing I liked about it is that Mohmood went at a slow pace and stopped when everybody stopped on their own so everybody had the chance to experience the flow of energy healing. When we first started I didn't really feel much going on but as the session progressed I started to relax, and concentrate. Gradually I felt the energy coming and experienced healing energy that I had never experienced in my life and not only did I feel the energy flow but realized that I could heal myself because I started having cramps and I put the healing to work to get rid of my cramps. 


United States

My wife and I were a part of the "Breathing and Meditation" workshops , held every Wednesday for five weeks. I was skeptical at first, but did it to support my wife. I found the entire environment to be one of openess, friendship , support and stimulation. The sessions guided us through the various techniques in a relaxed atmosphere. The  family opened their home to us and shared great meals after the sessions. My wife and I found the conversations over dinner to be very spirtually stimulating and we began to look forward to Wednesday evening with anticipation. We have read several books on spirituality and the soul. Mohmood and his family were very open to our ideas and interpretation. This acceptance of various points of view has made a lasting impression on us. We still maintain a relationship to learn and exchange ideas.

Rick Wasson - High School Teacher

Stouffville, ON

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