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Online Workshops 

Mudra Meditation

Journey of the Eternal Spirit

The Journey of the Eternal Spirit! workshops touch upon a different spiritual topic at each session, including Life After Death,  Reincarnation, Past Lives, Life Between Lives, The Power of  Forgiveness, Evolution of the Soul, Witnessing, Meditation and more.


Each session will also include one or more practical exercises of relaxation therapy, past life regression therapy, forgiveness and witnessing meditations, chakra meditations or others. We will also have a sharing session where you may ask questions and benefit from keenly insightful discussions and observations. 

These online workshops will be held monthly.  Please sign up to be added to our distribution and email lists to receive timely updates for Journey of the Eternal Spirit!. Each online session has been designed on purpose to cater to a limited number of participants in order to ensure that intimacy and connectedness are maintained.  Sign up soon to secure your spot!

We hope you will join us and benefit from the new series of workshops!

IAM - Inner Awakening Meditation & Healing Workshop 

This is a unique program that has been created from various holistic models including Meditation, Reiki, Professional Relaxation Therapy, Deep Breathing, Guided Visualization and the Chakras (Energy Centres). These workshops now include Attunements!

This program provides various benefits on all levels. It helps us to release tension and stress, allows us to experience various levels of consciousness, improve breathing and circulation, increase our energy levels and remove blockages from the body. It helps us on all levels including physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

One of the most significant aspects of this workshop is the healing session, where each person gets a chance to perform a healing and receive a healing. This gives you the benefit of receiving a great energy healing session.

Please sign up to our email list for updates

The cost is $10 per session.

We look forward to seeing all online for this unique experience!

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