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Book of Wisdom 
A simple book for spiritual growth

What is my purpose on earth?" is the question author and seeker Mohmood Valimohamed asks in the dedication of his fine new book. Book of Wisdom, this reviewer determined, not only sheds light on the question, the same light illuminates the path to discovery. Mr. Valimohamed, in easy to digest prose, leads the reader to an understanding of life by offering us enlightenment of what the Creator provides.

For instance, "Suffering is a blessing in disguise." It is the way your soul comes closer to God. "During periods of suffering, you explore the depths of your soul." A means to encourage your spiritual growth dramatically is forgiveness. "First you must accept and forgive all the harm that has been done to you. Do not continue the cycle by responding angrily to the individual who mistreated you."
Another means is the power of silence. "Jesus Christ said, the kingdom of God is within you. The only way to get a glimpse of this kingdom is to go silently inside yourself." Book of Wisdom leads the reader through many other paths to find spiritual growth: Witnessing as a form of total meditation, total surrender of yourself,your ego, your aggression and your strategies to find humbleness, love of the material and, in its ultimate form, of God.


With understanding to a degree this reviewer may never achieve, Mohmood Valimohamed leads the way. "Step by step, we rise higher and higher until, finally, we are ready to join the universal consciousness." Using both Eastern and Western philosophies, Book of Wisdom teaches that "The seed of enlightenment is in our hearts." This precious gift is the purpose and value of this excellent book. Thank you, Mr. Valimohamed!


Richard Fuller /  Senior Editor - Metaphysical Reviews

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The Book of Wisdom Explores

The Law Of Karma

Suffering: A Blessing In Disguise 

A Little Forgiveness Goes A Long Way 

The Power Of Silence 

The Art Of Witnessing 

Total Surrender 

Love: The Key Ingredient 

Temporal And Spiritual 

Loneliness And Aloneness 

Different Levels Of The Soul 

Growth Of The Soul 

Attachment And Detachment 

Open Your Eyes 
Judge Not
Service To Mankind 
Life Is A Paradox

Book Reviews 

"Book of Wisdom is food to nourish your soul's growth. These words can challenge your traditional notions of the soul. Living these simple profound truths can transform your life. Mohmood Valimohamed is a gifted presence in our world. He is the essence of holiness and love. I have had the privilege of interviewing him several times and each time I become more enlightened and transformed."



Dr. Kathleen Hall - Founder, CEO, The Stress Institute - Author, A Life in Balance, Nourishing the Four Roots of True Happiness




"The Book of Wisdom" is filled with deep insight and vision. Mohmood addresses complicated ideas in a very understandable manner. He shares esoteric wisdom through everyday happenings."


Joann M. Turner, editor/publisher The Messenger


"Mohmood Valimohamed has been given the honor of being listed as "One Of The Great Minds of The 21st Century". He has been recognized to achieve a distinction in his field of "Spirituality".

The American Biographical Institute Inc

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