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Distant Healing 

Energy Healing, like any other energy, can be sent from a distance. Distant Energy Healing is one technique that can be used in balancing the Body, Mind and Spirit. It can also be helpful in treating all types of conditions such as: physical ailments, emotional distress and depression, mental issues, energy blockages and ultimately can help you achieve a higher level of spiritual awareness. 

This powerful and simple healing is available at anytime. It doesn't require much, you could be anywhere in the world and achieve phenomenal results. In fact, sometimes the results can be even better than hands on healing. The beauty of this type of healing is that it has no boundaries, distance is not a barrier.


Energy Healing - Hands On

The body has an innate ability to heal itself if provided the optimal conditions. Energy healing is a spiritual practice which activates the body's subtle energy centres (Chakras) to promote healing.

By determining the root (spiritual) causes of illness, ailments and stress, we can provide the body the boost it needs and the opportunity to heal. 

This energy work helps to align, the body, mind and spirit and provide mental and emotional balance as well.



Meditation is the path and the key to spiritual enlightenment. There are many methods and approaches and I can help you determine which one is right for you and will bring you more peace and spiritual progress.


Attunements & Booster Attunements

This is a special service for healers. This includes Reiki practitioners, graduates of our IAM Healing Program, yoga & meditation teachers, coaches, therapists, nurses and anyone who does healing. Even beginners are welcome.
Quite often sending healing energy can be draining as this energy vibrates at a very high level. Our body and mind acts as a vessel through which this high frequency energy gets channeled and sent to those who need to be healed. Although our spirit can handle this, our body, mind and energy body may feel the fatigue of giving universal healing energy to those around us. As healers, we need a chance to release and recharge.
Booster Attunements help us recharge our chakras and release any old, stagnant or blocked energies that we unintentionally pick up. This is a tune-up for our energy body and restores balance to our body, mind and spirit.


Past Life Regression Therapy 

Past life regression is a technique that attempts to use hypnosis in order to recover memories from previous lives. As we move through lifetimes, we collect memories that are then stored in the mind. These subconscious memories still have a significant impact on our ability to function in our daily lives. For some individuals, unlocking and exploring these deep seated memories and patterns can help us to heal, forgive and break free.


Spiritual & Intuitive Counselling

There are times in our lives when we can use a deeper insight and knowledge into our spiritual lives to help provide answers to questions and some of life's challenges. Discovering more about our spiritual journey, emotional and mental blockages and patterns (developed over many lifetimes) will assist you to release those blockages and help you move forward.Sessions include a combination of spiritual counseling, intuitive coaching, and energy healing. They are specifically tailored to each individual in order to address their specific symptoms or challenges and help to discover, understand, and implement practical solutions.​ Grief counseling and sessions on life after physical death are also available. 


Ayurveda & Blood Type

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of holistic healing which dates back over 5000 years. It is known as the science of life and well being. It promotes health and vitality, and cures diseases by ensuring balance of body, mind and spirit. Also, learn how your blood type affects your diet, your lifestyle and your personality.


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